Creative Culinary Concepts

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Roasted garlic and parsley seasoning

Parmesan and garlic blend

Sea Salt and crispy cracked black pepper seasoning

Sea Salt and garlic seasoning

Salt, pepper, garlic and onion seasoning

Fine herbs, garlic and slight sweet onion

Onion seasoning

Rosemary and garlic seasoning

Garlic, cracked black pepper and rosemary seasoning

Loaded baked potato seasoning

Maple brown sugar seasoning

ORGANIC seasoning options are available

Protein Flavored Seasonings

Roasted chicken seasoning

Steak & onion seasoning -

Spray Oil Options

Canola oil

Canola and olive oil 50% - 50%

Soybean and olive oil 50% - 50%

Pure 100% olive oil

Processing Flexibility

Seasoning application rates run from 0.5% to a max of 6+.0%

Oil application rates vary from 0.5% to 2.0%

Custom seasoning development is our strength. Application and formulations can
be developed to meet your creative ideas. Our Chef will develop your product.

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