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Dehydrated Potatoes (DH), Flakes, Granules, Dices and Slices,   Click here for detail view
Flour and Potato Starch
Potatoes straight from our fields are uniquely processed, through several drying ovens/drums located in our facilities. All potato flakes are custom dried to specific client specification.
Dehydrofrozen (DHF) Products – Potatoes and Onions      Click here for detail view
Select russet, red and gold potatoes, along with carrots and onions are processed, cooked and partially dried. This unique method of manufacturing provides a distinctive end product that will rehydrate under further cooking steps = reduced cost! And improved product performance.
Frozen Processing – Blanched and Roasted Potatoes     Click here for detail view
Two facilities, Warden and Pasco offer a comprehensive line of blanched and roasted potatoes - peeled or skin on options, diced, sliced, wedges and chunks with a selection of varieties including russet, red, gold and sweet potato options.
Frozen Vegetable Processing     Click here for detail view
A comprehensive line of corn, carrots, green and red peppers, onions, zucchini and apple wedges. Watch for more products to follow.
Direct and Indirect Fire-Roasting and Seasoning    Click here for detail view
Roasting of fresh and frozen corn along with carrots, peppers and onions and potatoes, sets OPC apart from its peers. Couple this capability with our ability to create custom seasonings that can be applied over ALL products from ALL process plants, now that is
Packaging and Blending    Click here for detail view
The final step – packaging and flavoring to meet your needs. From bulk sacks and super-sacks (potato flakes), bulk totes and cases, food service style poly-bagging and retail sizes, OPC brings all of its capabilities to your market.
Logistics    Click here for detail view
Each facility has its own rail siding enabling the best alternatives in distribution. Experience in world-wide container shipments, OTR trucking, intermodal and bulk rail cars (privately owned cars) lends to OPC’s ability to service all of our clients.
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