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Quick Look!

OPC Products Overview

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Corn (Pasco Processing & National Plants)

• IQF cut & cob (Pasco, WA)

• Roasted cut & cob (Pasco, WA)


Carrots (Pasco Processing & National Plants)

• IQF dices & slices (Pasco, WA)

• Roasted dices & slices (Pasco, WA)

*Crinkle cut, smooth cut, bias cut options


Onions (Freeze Pack, Dickinson Frozen Foods & Pasco Processing)

• IQF dices & strips (Pasco, WA & Fruitland, ID)

• Roasted dices & strips (Pasco, WA)

• DHF dices & strips (Pasco, WA)


Peppers (Pasco Processing & Dickinson Frozen Foods)

• IQF red, green, yellow, poblano (Pasco, WA & Fruitland, ID)

• Roasted red, green, poblano (Pasco, WA)


Asparagus (Pasco Processing Pasco, WA)

• IQF cuts & tips

• IQF spears


Sugar Snap Peas (Pasco Processing Pasco, WA)

• IQF sugar snaps


Peas (National Plants)

• IQF petite

• IQ sweet


Beans (National Plants)

• IQF green beans

• IQF garbanzo beans

• IQF lima beans

• IQF wax beans

• IQF italian beans

*New Products:

• IQF beans & lentils - red, black, kidney, pinto (Moses Lake, WA)


Root Vegetables (Pasco Processing Pasco, WA)

• IQF beets

• IQF turnips

• IQF parsnips

• IQF rutabaga


Potatoes (Pasco Processing, Dickinson Frozen Foods,

Oregon Potato Co., Washington Potato Co.

• IQF dices, slices, wedges, chunks, shreds, halves, whole

• Rosted dices, wedges, chunks, halves, whole

• Dehydrated (DH) dices, slices, shreds, flakes (agglomerated options too), flours, granules, starch

• Dehydrofrozen (DHF) dices, slices, shreds

• Russet, red, yelow, Bintje (baby bakers)

* Conventional & organic depending on item


Miscellaneous Vegetables (Pasco Processing Pasco, WA)

• IQF & Rosted squash - dices & slices

• IQF & Roasted zucchini - dices & slices


Apples (Pasco Processing Pasco, WA)

• IQF dices & wedges

• Roasted dices & wedges

*seasoning & enrobing capabilities too


Cherries (Pasco Processing Pasco, WA)

• IQF dark sweet wholes & halves


Blueberries (Freeze Pack Pasco, WA)

• IQF medium & large



• Potatoes (russet & sweet)

• Carrots - diced
• Onions - diced
• Green beans

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The Oregon Potato
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